Bonciani: electric traction, energy production, railway installations

A decade of experience in electric traction

Bonciani Electric Traction and Railway Plant

Bonciani S.p.A. is fully aware of being one of the leading figures in this development, operating in a concrete and systematic manner in the national and international field of technology and infrastructures.

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Power generation installations

production and distribution electric energy

After decades working in the field of engineering and infrastructures in the public and private sectors, Bonciani S.p.A. can now offer a range of solutions accompanying the final client from the concept phase, feasibility study and design to the handover and commissioning...
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References and Customers in Railway

OMNIA - A new type of railway cantilever

Omnia Cantilever for any type of catenary

Bonciani S.p.A. presents OMNIA, the new cantilever which respects the Italian railway tradition from the philosophical and operative viewpoint but can also be used in any conditions on any type of line and catenary.
Visit the Omnia Cantilever page to discover all the features of this innovative product.



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